We are a network of factory, engineering and development facilities located around the nation. We work in partnership with universities, distributors and government agencies to deliver novel products and technologies for the transportation industry.

We have won Congressional and agency grants, commendations, seminal patents, industry acclaim and more.


- Design and Engineering
- Integrated Powerplants
- Vehicle Chassis Systems
- Fueling Systems



We deliver innovation via proprietary design, engineering and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 build standards


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Our team designs, engineers, and manufactures vehicles and components for vehicles. 

Our capabilities and flexible processes allow us to create solutions specifically focused on each customer’s unique requirements. Our extensive tooling, paint and assembly resources are augmented by complete product development services offered by our on-call team of specialists. Our project contract scope ranges from one-off custom vehicles and components to niche high-volume specialty vehicle programs. Our fuel storage, fuel distribution and energy storage technologies have beat every competitor in combined metrics.

We have over 5 million square feet of factory, fabrication and development space in multiple major venues around the nation, under flex contracting with facility partners. This means that our customers are not paying for anything but the space that is in use for their own project. Thus, our customer pricing is always better than our competitors.


Our additive manufacturing resources enable us to deliver your product to market quickly and cost-effectively by reducing product development time concurrent with manufacturing procedure and functional performance feedback.

We use technologies which include:

- Deep Sintered Hybrid Pressure Molding
- XLine Devices
- Aluminum, Cobalt Chrome, Inconels, Variety of Stainless Steels, Titanium Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
- FusionJet Casting
- ABS, Nylon 12, PC-ISO, Ultem 9085, Ultem 1010 Polyjet 3D Printing
- Electron Beam Melting
- Rolling Prototype Iterative Modeling Chassis Bases
- Rigid Opaque, Transparent, Poly, Rubber Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA)
- Polypropylene, High Temp ABS-like, Clear/Transparent Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
- Nylon, Glass-Filled Nylon, Windform Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM)
- Vac-cast and Bench Shot Urethane Molded Components
- Five Axis CNC Milling Devices and top torque CNC mills
- CNC lathes
- Live CAD Data Input Digitizers
- 3D Foam Cutters For Full Size Vehicle Rapid Forms
- Multi-Part Foam Rapid Compositors
- Coordinate Machines
- Immersive Virtual Reality Prototyping Experience Center
- AWS Certified Code Welding With AWS CWI And ASME/European ISO Certification
- Metallurgical Laboratory And Testing Consultants
- Laser And Water-Jet Cutters
- Laser Interferometry Test Wall
- Scale And Full Size Clay Modeling And Wind Tunnel Testing
- Tebis Surface Cutter Path Software Programs
- 3 to 5 Axis Clay, Foam And Wood Mills
- Hacker-Proof Triple Air-Gap Networks To Protect Your IP
- Bluelight and White Light ATOS Digitizing
- Flush-Mount Vehicle Surface Plates
- Full-Size Clay Prototyping Racks
- Multi-Axis Robots
And A Wide Range of Other Materials And Devices...

We can support you through assembly with a potent, quick and on-the-spot supply chain and complete supplier team from every possible parts and component resource. We can deliver your project's tooling from prototype to production injection molds that use single cavity or intermixed complex multi-cavity molds in the multi-ton range.

Our team has worked together for decades and won numerous awards, commendations and acclaim.

Upon signing the contract and receiving the retainer, we begin a project with ideation development. At this stage we work with our customer like a partner and define and visualize the product idea into rough 2D sketch format. Our artists have worked with LucasFilm, Disney, Marvel Comics, Sony Pictures, and other famous brands. Our customers are hands-on in this stage of the process. At this stage our studies help everyone understand the design attributes and content of the competitive market products. We produce the concept sketches that help everyone explore multiple design solutions in sketch presentation format. We then take those to the rendering and client presentation stage using photo-real 3D CAD software.

We provide program and project management for your project's success. This includes complete project oversight from costing and schedules, to engineering studies, to feasibility assessments.

Our services include vehicle graphics and film printing for multiple media scale models or finished full size functional or static display models (proof of concept).

Our use of advanced composites, skinned foams and layered foams deploys the latest in modern technologies for producing amazing autoclaved composites, open-molded epoxy laminates, and vacuum-formed thermoplastics.

We build custom circuit boards and wire harnesses in house.

Our fabric experts provide hand-stitched fine leathers, using the latest crafting technologies, such as computer guided pattern cutting machines.

Our mission is to take the latest science and technology and turn it into the best looking, most responsive, highest functioning products that have the best human-factors considerations. From design, to body, to chassis, to power-train, to NVH, to electrical, to thermal, to CAE, to CAD, to advanced engineering; we are there for you.


- Design, develop, test, and manufacture power-train solutions.

- Resolve complex noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issues.

- Provide comprehensive services to customers requiring electrical systems work, hardware, software, or wiring.

- Consult on a wide variety of thermal systems capabilities.

- Deliver CAE group integration analysis into the design process, accelerating component and system development.

- Apply the latest virtual engineering and CAD tools from critical early design stages of development through the change control process.

- Dynamometer Test every vehicle.

- Live out-door on-road test with ASE certified technicians in with climate conditions found globally.

- Support all EPA, CARB or EU certification for emissions.


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